Experience the Classic Excursion

First of all

Classic VW Hippie Bus

At Picklesuede, we work with our network of European and US partners to import the perfect classic VW bus to your doorstep in the US.

All our vehicles are inspected, tested and given a full once-over maintenance job to ensure 1000's of miles of worry-free performance.


Cruise the European Canals in a Classic

Tired of sailing the Bahamas? Ready to upgrade to a motor vessel, but not really into the Great Loop? Then consider a classic barge from Picklesuede for your next adventure.

All of our barges are fully-converted former working vessels between 50-65feet and typically 80-100 years old, but with all the modern accessories for your comfort.

About Picklesuede

At Picklesuede, we are passionate about providing our customers with the right vehicle for a classic travel experience. We offer the perfect blend of nostalgia, comfort, and adventure. Whether you're into exploring the scenic landscapes of the USA or immersing yourself in the charm of European canals, our vehicles are designed to make your journey truly memorable.

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